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I was once told that some men were taken to a slaughter house where some sacks were filled with warm blood. They were then told to stab them to help condition the trainees to the feeling of blood. The person who mentioned this to me claimed he became good with a knife. Would anyone have any comments on this claim.
Fareham Hants, England, 1940
the Old Manor House in Wickham Road, Fareham Hants, England, 1940

Across FrontiersAcross Frontiers is a short film which follows two young British prisoners of war, Ernie and Harry. It tells the story of the Italian Contadini, brave families who risked everything to aid and shelter fugitives whilst under German occupation during the second world war. The film is based on the director's great grandfather and his experiences as an escaped POW in Italy.

Across Frontiers - A WWII Escape Story

Help us tell the story of the brave Italian Contadini during WWII with a 30 minute film!
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Well we were just in on sabotage, we went in to get an ammunition dump at ...Trumly?.... and we got it. Did she ever go with a bunch of sparks too. But its right on the water, its a fort. Old, old fort.

Question- so the only purpose in attacking Trumily was to destroy the ammo

Answere- destroy the ammo. You see it was defending the whole of the east coast of Italy. It was the main ammunition dump on the east coast of Italy. And it was costing us a lot of men, because we needed the east coast of Italy to bring our ships in, they got some good ports along there like .?.Vallee.?. We lost an Ammo ship there at .?.Vallee.?. , It blew up right at dock. Pretty well wiped the town right out. But we had to get ride of those ports or the ammo, so

Question- So there was only a small patrol went in....

Answere- yeah, there was only about 7 of us, I think, and we dropped, we jumped.

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Where did they go when on leave in Ciaro?

Going to war is not a choice. When tyranny begins to grow and spread, as it always does, someone must stand to stop it.

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