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  I have written this history in order that past and present members of 4th Armoured Brigade may have a record to remind them of the five years of fighting the brigade has seen. I cannot in this short account attempt to give a true picture of that time. That I hope will be provided by the memories which this record may recall. Much of it is taken from the personal memories of myself and others who took part in the campaigns or from the War Diary. I am indebted to Capt. A. MacLennan, RA, GSO 3 of the Brigade since January 1943, for the material for Chapter IV, Sicily and Italy. It is as accurate an account as I can write without becoming involved in a great deal of research. If inaccuracies are found, I hope they will be forgiven. I have not included any maps, as so many would be needed.

4th Armoured Brigade
July, 1945
R. M. P. Carver,


30 Corps.


Chapter 1. The first year. Defeat of the Italians
January 1940 to February 1941
Chapter II. Tobruk. Relief and Loss
May 1941 to July 1942
Chapter III. Fourth Light. Alamein to Tunis
July 1942 to May 1943
Chapter IV. Sicily, Italy and Home
June 1943 to June 1944
Chapter V. Liberation. France, Belgium and Holland
June 1944 to February 1945
Chapter VI. Into Germany to Victory
February to May 1945
  1. Brigade Commanders
  2. Units of the Brigade