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Jack Linder Cull, born 14th of August 1921, joined the British Territorial Army in Southampton on the 6th of Sept. 1938 (army no.2575857).

Born on the 28th of April 1922, he had to lie about his birthday as many young men probably did in those times.

He went on to serve with the 8th Army, 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Yugoslavia. He jumped into Primosole Bridge in Sicily and crept into Termoli. When they asked for volunteers to go into Yugoslavia, he volunteered. He went in with a group of less than 6 men to work with the communist resistance, it was here that he won the MM. (if you know anything about this, I would like to learn more of this mission and of the Termoli landing).

He was discharged on the 25th of April 1946, from the A. F. Signals (Royal Corps of Signals), at the rank of Sergeant

The "Testimonial" given him on his discharge papers reads - A very willing and hardworking man who can always be trusted to do a good job of work. He is thoroughly reliable, trustworthy and honest; and has shown great initiative in carrying out his duties even though outside the scope of his trade of operator, keyboard.

a quote from a conversation
We weren't any angels, Bob, we did a lot of good, we saved a lot of lives, but we also did what we had to do, we always did what we had to do and we always carried out orders. But you know these sabotage raids, they were fun, they were. We were absolutely free, and we had to live off the land.
The attack on Termoli was carried out by commandos and a group refered to as a "special raiding force". I would like to know who was the "special raiding force" and what roll they played. There was also a group who destroyed an ammunition store in an old fort on the east coast of Italy, can anyone elaborate on this? Please send any particulars known using this form.

Does anybody know anything about the British group who went in to rescue TITO during his retreat from Drvar?

Would anyone know what is the "23 WING (1941-45) OLD COMRADES ASSOCIATION"
I have found reference to the "Old Comrades Association" in a book "Swiftly They Struck" by Murdoch Mcdougall. In my soft cover copy the reference is on page 65. The sentence, "We became honorary members of the British Legion, and were urged to join the Old Comrades' Association."
For reasons unknown before "D-Day", they started to move troops home to England. Many asked to stay in what seemed to be the war zone, only to find out later that they had missed "D-Day". Here is a little known song of those unwitting "D-Day" dodgers
lets go and see a postcard collection he brought home from Italy
2575857 Signalman Jack Linder Cull - Royal Signals

Enlisted at Southampton into the Royal Signals Territorial Army and posted to

43rd Wessex Divisional Signals, 224 Signals Section 06.09.38
Posted to 5th Anti-Aircraft Divisional Signals Section 12.01.39
Embodied 02.09.39
Posted to No.2 Company 05.02.41
Posted to 1st Holding Battalion 17.05.41
Posted to 3rd Holding Battalion 23.06.41
Posted to Command Signals 21.07.41
Posted to 6 Air Formation Signals 23.10.42
Redesignated 'A' Formation Signals 20.08.43
Posted to 29 Wing Section 3 Air Formation Signals 11.12.43
Posted to 8 Air Formation Signals 03.03.44
Posted to 4 Air Formation Signals 26.08.44
Posted to 6 Air Formation Signals 22.07.44
Posted to 11 Line of Communication Signals 02.03.46
Released to Royal Army Reserve 05.08.46
Discharged 20.06.52
Cause of Discharge: His services being no longer required on proceeding overseas

Service with colours: 06.09.38 - 05.08.46

Overseas Service: Middle East 15.06.42 - 23.04.46

Medals issued etc. Territorial Efficiency Medal, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star,
Defence Medal, War medal 1939-45

The above information was all I received from the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE CS(RM)2b, Bourne Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 1RF,(telephone 0181-573 3831 ext.319) for the sum of 20 pounds. If you have requested and received somebody's war records from these people, I would like to hear from you.
(reference 96/28439/CS(RM)2b/9)

This is a list of the names of my father's comrades, the address' are old post war. Yes, I would like to locate them!


Capt. Ken Fraser c/o Sir Francis Fraser, Wellington, New Zealand
Charlie W. Atkinson 25 Buston Terrace, Newcastle-on-Tyne (153 Haiton Park Rd?)
George Beckett 14 Fincham Road Liverpool 14
Tom Bellew 51 Clover Hall Cresc., Belfield, Rochdale
Chris Bindloss Annesdale, 19 Half Edge Lane, Eccles Lancs
Techer Bradley 11 Fercroft Ave., London E 12
Jim H. Brinton 50 Meadway, Ilford, Essex
Ron Byram 783 Manchester Road, Milno Bridge, Huddersfield
Ray S. Chissell 11 King's Road, Parkstone, Dorset
Pat Christhison 15 Seaward Ave., Bournemouth
Jimmy N. Cowell 15 Hodson Street, Blackburn, Lancs. (15 Hadian St.)
Harold Crawley 9 Abber Ave., St. Albans
Dicky E. W. Dartnell 11 Neville Rd., Lewes
Taff Davies 36 Bridgate Rd., Rhyl (Chelston Dean, Park Avenue,Skewen, Nr, Neath, S. Wales)
Alan Dewar 27 Salisbury Road, Norwich, Norfold
George Doyle 15 Waldegrave Rd., Carlisle, Cumberland
Fred G. Ellison 18 Oxton Sreet, Church Lane, Harpurher, Manchester
Fred Fisher 29 Jackson St., Moston, Manchester
Johnny Girling 3 Papillon Rd., Colchester, Essex
Ken Hills 128 Emmanuel Road, Balham, London SW2
Harry Hubbard 19 School Grove,Withington Lanchester 20 (18Alan Road)
Norman Jones c/o Cymot Ltd, 16 Long Street, Capetown (Smith Street,Durban)
Bill Kennett 9 Ship St., Brecon, S. Wales
Lew Lawton 15 Cottage Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire
Bob Lea 16 Baldwyn Gardens, Acton London W3
Joe Mackinnon (D. W.) 45 Lundavra Road, Fort William, Inverness-shire
Bill Newport 33 Ash Grove, S. Ealing, London W 5
Frank Parsons 27 Meeson Street, Clapton Park, London E 5
Bill G. Putland 5 Chants Path, Yeovil, Somerset
Eddie Ratcliffe 5, Pickford Street, Mossley, Manchester
Charlie Redman 16 Dunbar Rd., Wood Green, N 22
Len Ridgard 46 Gopsell Street, Birmingham 4 (32 Ceolshill St.)
F. Auther Rock 27 Mona Street, Douglas, Isle of Man
S. Pat Rose 113 Cotton Lane, Derby
Harry R. Spencer 9 Stainbarn Crescent, Leeds 7
Toc Smith Primrose Hill Farm, Hemingstone, Nr Ipswich, Suffolk
Vic A. H. Snowden Lorna Doone, 32 Princes St., Peterborough, Northants
(Bert) W. A. Taylor 82 Blenheim Road, Moseley, Birmingham
Doug W. Thacker 59 Bruin Street, Leicester
Lionel C. Tout 7 Chapel Street, Tiverton, Devonshire
(Bert?) H. Turner 184 Sutton Passeys Crescent, Wollaton Park, Nottingham
Sammy West 159 Fazeley St., Bermingham
(Taffy) J. M. Williams c/oTegfryn Taw, Abercrave, Swansea
Tiny Yilding 32 Vincent Cresent, Chesterfield
other names which he mentioned were Colonel Frost, Jimmy Cowell, Chris Chisab, Bill Kennedy, Jimmy Grover.
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