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Cairo by Pte Tom Barker
1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

Tom Barker passed on October 1st 2008poppy.gif - 1571 Bytes

Out in the Sahara desert,
where camels die of thirst.
Where wartime trucks hit the bumps,
that cause petrol cans to burst.

Then stranded without fuel,
and water running out.
Wait for fate to play a card,
but keep one up the spout.

The sun sinks like a weary dragon,
and stars like diamonds gleam.
From the dark blue of the heavens,
the moon begins to gleam.

Night becomes a misty day,
where the enemy can lurk.
should a raging sand storm strike,
'tis a meeting both will shirk.

For all can perish in its maw,
of dust and clinging sand.
To engage in mortal combat,
is to volunteer for the promised land.

Cairo seems so far away,
and memories play such tricks.
It seems like only yesterday,
we were licking icy sticks

Down at the waters edge,
splashing in the pool.
Now we haven't enough to drink,
Fate can be so cruel.

Yesterday we buried one,
but it was a sad mistake.
For even in the desert,
hyena the dead will take.

So when the others perished,
we left them where they fell.
And said, " farewell dear brother"
"you are no longer in this hell".

One morning we were awakened,
to find we had been saved.
Some danced, others pranced,
But one just sat and raved.

We got back to old Cairo,
but I will never lose track.
Of all those mates with desert hates,
who are never coming back.


2982252 Pte Barker T.O. 1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Born 23 May 1921.
Tom Barker