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Fareham Hants, England
a photo described as Old Manor, 1940

***Now identified as the Old Manor House in Wickham Road, Fareham!***

The house was apparently used by the Royal Signals in the early part of the war,
after 1942, the Admiralty took it over. What did the Royal Signals use it for?
Apparently the Brigade HQ was at Fareham House and the No 1 Coy 5th AA Divisional Signals was at Edith House Fareham.

original picture

Fareham Hants, England, 1940, (enlarged)

This is a photo kept by my father. I expect Fareham Hants was being used as a training area. Who was using it in 1940? Just where is it located?

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soldier in top left centre group soldier in forground
Fareham Hants

Another picture taken at Fareham, my father is probably the man on the left.

Old Manor House in Wickham Road, Fareham
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