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The Royal Tank Regiment
August 1939 To March 1946

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Royal Tank Regiment Badge

January 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson
Jan 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1- 9 NTR
10/1/45 Capt (QM) RA Smith ToS.
11 – 22 NTR
23/1/45 Capt CD Eberstein vested with powers of Detachment Commander.
24/1/43 Lt PHC Hosegood ToS
25 – 31 NTR.

Appendix D
January 1945 OC Major T Stainton
Jan 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment      A Sqn
1- 12 NTR
13/1/45 Half Sqn left FAENZA at 1800 hrs.
14/1/45 3Tp tank commanders on recce. Shoot at 0830, OP could not see the shoot. KO take over from 3/1 Punjabi.
15/1/45 No shoot owing to mist.
17/1/45 Capt DA windeler assumed command of Sqn. Capt KW Rhodes assumed command half Sqn. Successful shoot.
19/1/45 Target registered with 105mm and 75mm. No shoot.
24/1/44 Three 75mm surveyed in for counter mortar shooting. Reported to CMO ready to fire as from 0800 hrs 25th Jan. arty board set up.
Guns zeroed on bearing 327° 50’ Grid.
25/1/45 Shoot at 0830 – 6 rds0730 – 1400 6 rds of 75mm at 30 minute intervals on selected targets.
Enemy shells landed minus and left when shooting at 1400 hrs. considered to be 75mm or 50mm high velocity weapon. Rum issued.
26/1/45 Continued shoot.
29/1/45 105’s registered BRAGITONA di SOTTO and PERICOLI. PERICOLI harassed between 1900/2300 with 105mm.
30/1/45 1120 – 15 rounds 75mm to check accuracy of arty board plotting. Direct hits on targets on same line as taken off arty board but range 400 yards short. Post mortem considered this due to not taking into account weather conditions. This will be done in future using correction as for 25 rds charge 3 and halving them.
1430 – 75mm ranged on BRAGITONA di SOTTO.Between 1900/0715 hrs BRAGITONA harassed by 75mm. PERICOLI harassed with 105mm between 1930/2300.
31/1/45 BRAGITONA again harassed after 1700 and throughout the night and fired on again in the morning in support B Sqn attack.

January 1945 OC Major FV Fidler MC
Jan 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment       B Sqn
4/1/45 At 1330 Sqn moved out to move in support of 25th Ind Infantry Bde, who at that time were in defensive role on the R SENIO, NW of FAENZA. Sqn less 2 troops, with a troop of M10’s of 13th A/Tk Regt under command moved to CELLE, about 2000 yards NW of FAENZA to support 3/15 Gharwals. 2 troops with troop M10’s under command Capt McGrath moved to Scula Agricuola area, just on the western edge of FAENZA to support 1st KO who were in a Bde reserve role.
5/1/45 Day spent in jeep and foot recces contacting Btn and Coy HQs down to Troop comds – Owing to the bad road states and the fact that the whole area was overlooked from M GHEBBIO on the left, movement of vehicles and recce parties had to be given very careful thought to avoid losses.
6/1/45 Heavy snow fell during the night making recces of forward Coy localities very difficult, even on foot.
7/1/45 First indirect shoot with 105mm carried out with two OPs, (Sqn Ldr & 1Tp Ldr). 105’s in the FAENZA area, the two OPs moving up to forward platoon areas with 38 sets radiating to a 48 set on a Honey of the Recce Section, established in a halfway position, which in turn relayed to the 105mm tanks over the 19 set. This method of W/T link proved very satisfactory. Owing to poor visibility some targets could not be engaged, those that were however, gave good results, several hits on enemy held buildings and slit trenches being registered. More snow and frost at night.
8/1/45 Day spent in road making, with the aid of fascines and house bricks, to ensure that the tanks would be able to get out quickly if required.
Lt Helps rejoined from hospital.
9/1/45 Shoot of 105mm cancelled as authority not granted for movement of the tanks into fire positions using the roads, so day was spent in recce of a fire position eliminating the use of the roads, and making a track to get to it with reasonable speed.
10/1/45 Indirect shoot by 105’s onto BURANO with good effect, one house destroyed, two others damaged.
11/1/45 House where OPs established with Infantry section HQ was attacked 4 times during the night, each of which was repulsed. Own casualties (Infantry) 3 killed, 4 wounded. 17 enemy dead. During these attacks, Cpl Koppel (who had taken over OP duties earlier that night) did extraordinarily well with a rifle and hand grenades after using his six rounds of revolver ammo. The Infantry Coy Comdr stated that the Indian soldiers were very impressed indeed by his actions, and acknowledged that these two RTR personnel played a prominent part in the defence of the house, this being especially emphasised by the fact that there were no other English speaking people present.
12/1/45 It was decided by higher command to bring the whole Sqn forward (2100 hrs,)
13/1/45 Quiet day. Some phosphorous shells dropped in the SHQ area about midday. Slight thaw during the day but ground still very hard.
14/1/45 A fairly quiet day, some shelling of 7 & 8Tp area.
Owing to severe weather conditions, and the effect the frost was having on the tanks, it was found necessary to adopt the following precautions:-
  1. All tanks were driven up slight ramps to allow any moisture around turret rings to drain back through the turret ring protector. The ramps made of house bricks and wood to prevent the tracks freezing in the mud, which was about 9 –12 inches deep.
  2. All mud cleaned off bogies, tracks and sprockets.
  3. Valor stoves kept alight day and night inside the fighting chamber to prevent the Homelite bowls freezing, driver’s control rods stiffening, guns stiffening and turret rings freezing.
  4. Grease packed round outside turret rings.
  5. All workable parts of small arms manipulated by hand every two hours.
  6. All engines turned over by hand at hourly intervals between 1600 – 1000, and two hour intervals between 1000 – 1600.

Fire positions were selected for the two outside troops from which fixed HE or MG fire could be given day or night on pre-selected lines, in the event of a counter attack. First issue of tank Thermos flasks, one per tank, issued today.
15/1/45 Enemy crossed R SENIO in some strength and occupied the houses at 262267. Infantry could not clear them owing to well sited spandaus.
0810 – Infantry Comdr asked for tank support to clear these houses, sqn comd went on foot recce and small plan made.
0840 – 2 tanks of 6Tp moved up to 263264 and shot up house with 75mm, afterwards moving with 2 sections of Infantry up recced track to within 50 yards of houses, firing Browning on the move to spray target area, finally a few rds of 75mm, immediately followed by a frontal attack by Infantry which proved very successful. The houses were reduced to rubble heaps and the position restored.
Casualties:- Own (Infantry) 3 killed 4 wounded, Enemy 7 killed, 10 POW. Slight shelling of 7Tp area, no casualties or damage.
16/1/45 From midday to 2130 hrs enemy SP shelled the two Bailey bridges on our counter attack route, scoring direct hits and making one unsafe for tanks. White clothing and duffle coats issued for recce and OP parties, snow being very thick on hedgerows and ground. Very severe day frost.
17/1/45 In order to counter the shelling of the Bailey bridges at a critical moment, recces and the preparation for fascines crossings were made. Bailey’s made serviceable by RE’s after 12 hours. Alternate route recces made and new firing position found for 7 & 8Tp on the left. New OP position found and prepared.
18/1/45 105mm firing indirect at PERICOLI, good results. On the left, 2i/c OP’d one tank of 7Tp onto enemy OP in tower, a target which had been shot at many times by gunners with negative results. Result, tower demolished.
19/1/45 Track extensions having been issued and fitted to the two 105’s and all of 5Tp it was decided that in preference to indirect shooting, it would be better to move one or two tanks over the country to direct fire positions, relying on the extensions to prevent bogging down, so after a short trial run, one 105mm moved to the FDL to shoot direct. In this shoot, the devastating effect of the 105mm HE/A/Tk fired direct between the ranges 400 – 1800 yards was fully shown.
The enemy responded after about an hours shooting, with 5 rounds of 155mm HE within about 50 – 100 yards of the tank, but no damage done and the tank completed its programme before retiring.
8Tp area shelled in the morning, no damage or casualties.
20/1/45 Quiet day – indirect harassing fire (one 105 and one 75) on D SOTTO during the night. 7Tp area raked by spandau during the night, no casualties.
Lt Whitehead (UDF) rejoined from course. Sgt Croft rejoined (Gothic Line casualty)
21/1/45 One 105mm (Lt Whitehead) moved of to FDL for direct shoot on houses at 260272 (7 hits), 252276 (16 hits) and S MARIAELLA PACE (7 hits).
On this shoot, the tank ran into Nebelwerfer fire on taking up position, but this was put down as enemy fire directed against a returning Infantry patrol, as no other attention was received.
7Tp house received a direct hit from suspected enemy SP 105. Shell penetrated house before exploding, no casualties.
22/1/45 Recce for fire position to shoot BURANO direct, none found. 8Tp moved for direct shoot, but heavy mist caused this to be cancelled.
About 1900 hrs an aircraft dropped 3 bombs in SHQ area, no casualties.
23/1/45 First rocket gun heard in this sector fired by enemy at 4/11 left forward Coy. Three tanks moved at 1800 hrs, one to shoot up BRAGHITONA di SOTTO to support Infantry in a raid, one protection, one to harass East bank of bend in R SENIO close to target. Moon was not out, but fire was brought to bear without difficulty (at 1945 – 2030 hrs) with 75mm fitted with normal telescope.
Pre-arranged flares fired by Infantry to illuminate targets failed, and others fired by Infantry Coy support dropped short and silhouetted raiding party with the result that the whole of the tank fire was re-directed to allow own Infantry to withdraw. Tanks were heavily shelled but suffered no casualties, damage only to periscopes.
24/1/45 8Tp engaged houses in BIANCANIGO 241266 – Two houses demolished. Fascine bridge at 258258 completed and tested. Four inches of snow fell during the night 24/25th.
25/1/45 Work on second fascine bridge stopped at request of RE’s otherwise NTR.
26/1/45 Tp Ldrs recce of route to BRAGHTONA di SOTTO in preparation of future action. Two heavy (155?) shells within 100 yards SHQ.
27/1/45 Two 75mm of 8Tp and one 75mm of 7Tp engages houses at BIANCANIGO to cover Infantry crossing R SENIO for raid. Slight enemy shelling during the day.
1903 hrs – four rocket projectiles passed over SHQ towards FAENZA.
28/1/45 Capt McGrath accompanied by CRE on recce of SENIO banks at 1730 – 2145 hrs to find suitable crossing for tanks.
30/1/45 Experiment with .30 Browning indirect fire – unsatisfactory owing to extreme range. One tank direct shoot on di SOTTO, PERICOLI and S MARIA DELLA PACE with satisfactory results. 105mm and 75mm night harassing on di SOTTO and PERICOLI.
Sharp shelling SHQ area at 1430 hrs. no casualties or damage.
31/1/45 Lt Whitehead relieved Lt Hosegood of comd 7Tp. Normal night harassing with 105 and 75mm.

January 1945 OC Major RJC Willianson
Jan 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment C Sqn
1 - 3 NTR
4/1/45 Projected move to replace A Sqn postponed 2 days. Sqn on 1 hours notice to be prepared to assist 2nd RTR in their attack (supported by 56th Div) on the enemy bridgehead over R SENIO. Sqn stood down at 1700 hrs.
5/1/45 OC liased with 4/11 Sikhs. 2/3rd GR and 93 A/Tk Regt while Tp comdrs carried out recces of fire positions and routes, all in connection with the relief of A Sqn in a counter attack role, 10Tp to support 4/11 Sikhs, and the remainder with one troop of M10’s in support 20th Ind Infantry Bde.
6/1/45 Sqn moved in a heavy snowstorm from FAENZA to:-
10Tp 263246
SHQ 250288
12Tp 249229
M10’s 254234
9Tp 255230
11Tp 249228 (with A Echelon)
Recce 254229
Relief of A Sqn completed by 2000 hrs.
7/1/45 More detailed recces undertaken and an Op order drawn up for a counter attack in any of 4 possible ways.
At 1415 hrs the house occupied by the M10’s was shelled and hit by an SP gun. Casualties evacuated, 1 officer and 3 ORs.
8/1/45 Very quiet day. Slight shelling in the evening.
9 – 11 “RAT GROUSERS” fitted to 9Tp, 11Tp and Sqn HQ tanks, less Sqn Ldrs tank.
12/1/45 10Tp stood down 0800 hrs.
1900 – 10 and 10a moved to SHQ area 10b remained at 263246 with clutch trouble.
13/1/45 Tank 10b to be evacuated. Liaison effected with Nabha Akhal who had relieved 1/2nd Punjabi and whom we were now supporting.Plan made for 2 tanks fitted with grousers to move to area ZULA Ridge 227223 in an anti-SP role. These were to fire by day only in an emergency, otherwise moving into a fire position at last light every day, withdrawing back behind the ridge at first light and then being covered with white sheets. The crews were to live in dug-outs and expected to do a tour of 2 days, reliefs being provided by the rest of the Sqn. The snow was deep and the ground doubtful, but it was thought that the tanks would arrive ok with the grousers.
14/1/45 Recce of route and battle position not very promising. White sheets not expected to arrive in time. Paint brushes obtained to paint the tanks white, when the paint arrives. OC met 20 Bde Comdr and obtained special authority for 10 sheets of corrugated iron to help roof the dug-outs.
15/1/45 Daily bath parties to FAENZA. White sheets arrived.
16/1/45 0200 hrs two tanks of 11Tp, (manned by 9Tp crews and comd Lt Hulley) moved to 227220. Unable, in spite of repeated efforts, to get any further. They returned to 228219 and remained there for the day and the night, covered by white sheets.
17/1/45 During the night the Sqn built a track to enable the tanks to reach their destination, including 50 yards of fascines.
18/1/45 Tanks in position at 227223 by 0500 hrs. 15 Fr Regt RA which had been supporting us, left, and the Leicestershire Yeomanry came in their place.
19/1/45 NTR
20/1/45 154 Fd Regt RA arrived to take over from the Yeomanry. REME Colonel and rep from 2 RTR shown around the area.
OC met 20 Bde Comd and was granted permission to fire from the forward tanks. The tanks fired at 1920 hrs and engaged targets.
21/1/45 At 0600 hrs moved two 105mm tanks to 243224 and during the morning registered houses 218245 and registered and engaged house at Pt.132 214246 including 7 direct hits. 19 rds fired altogether.
22/1/45 0715 105mm registered houses 214242 and engaged house 208242.
23/1/45 No shooting was permitted because of the take-over by 10th Ind Bde of 20th Ind Bde.
24/1/45 Came under command 10th Ind Infantry Bde.
25/1/45 An unsuccessful attempt was made to register more targets with 105mm, had to be abandoned when visibility got worse.
26/1/45 No shooting. OC attended conference at 10 Bde and foiled efforts to have the two 105mm moved, arrangements made in fact, to reinforce them with a 75mm tank.
27/1/45 75mm tank moved to area of the two 105mm tanks. Attempts made to register targets with 75mm but no observation was obtained. 105’s engaged targets already registered.
Capt Templeton rejoined from course.
28/1/45 105’s again engaged targets. Bad light prevented registration.
29/1/45 0200 and 0220 hrs, on receipt of request from 4th Baluchs, 105mm put 10 rds each time into the house at 218245. After unsuccessful attempts to register three targets with the 75mm tank, observation was at last obtained by the use of American phosphorous rounds, HE fired on delay, and firing 2 rds in quick succession. The house at 202243 was then registered and 6 rds gunfire gave 6 direct hits, demolishing half the house.
1835 – 25 rds 105mm on house at 21802450.
1915 – 5 rds 105mm on tracked or half tracked vehicles in the same area.
30/1/45 Successful morning shoot. Targets registered with 105mm and 75mm included 5 houses and 2 spandau nests.
Liaison effected re possible forthcoming attack on M GHEBBIO.
31/1/45 Further liaison with 4th Baluchs re attack on M GHEBBIO.

February 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson
Feb 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/2/45 RHQ – NTR
A Sqn
Normal night harassing on PERICOLI. Lt Curren recced route to crossing 11 from PIDEURA via CARALTI.
B Sqn
5Tp in support 3/18 Gharwals raided BRAGITONA Di SOTTO at 0715 hrs. leading tank up to about 80 yards of house, caught enemy by surprise, killing 6 and capturing 2, one complete with Iron Cross Cl.2. No casualties.
7Tp Ldr recced for new firing position.
C Sqn
At 2045 hrs unregistered target (spandau firing from house) engaged by predicted fire with 105mm. Spandau silenced after 18 rds.
2/2/45 RHQ – NTR
A Sqn
No counter mortar fires, harassing fire.
B Sqn
7Tp engaged targets in BIANCANIGO area. Church tower made untenable.
C Sqn
0001 hrs harassing fire from 105mm brought to bear on house registered at 21802450. Tank crew stood down at 0330 hrs, bad visibility prevented further shooting. Extensive recces of tank route to VARNELLI ridge for supporting the attack on M GHEBBIO. 2nd RTR recce party arrived with a view to taking over our position. At 2000 hrs possible attack on M GHEBBIO cancelled.
3/2/45 RHQ – NTR
A Sqn
Harassing fire at night, 25 rds 75mm onto BRAGITONA, 15 rds 105mm onto PERICOLI.
Capt Windeler assumed comd of half Sqn. Capt Rhodes rejoined SHQ.
B Sqn – NTR
C Sqn
Tank of 22nd Armd Bde (driven with great difficulty due to ice on the track) into its prepared position at C BRUCIATA 240035 to act in an A/Tk role, manned with A/Tk crew.
4/2/45 RHQ – NTR
A Sqn
No counter mortar. Harassing fire on to PERICOLI with 105mm – 15 rds. 3/18 GR relieved 4/11 Sikhs in counter attack role.
B Sqn
8Tp successful shoot on BIANCANIGO in support 3/1 GR. Visit from officers of Polish Tank Sqn prior to take over.
C Sqn
Polish recce party arrived with a view to taking over our position. 2030 – 2200 hrs harassing fire on 21602450 and unregistered spandau position 100’ SW of it.
5/2/45 RHQ – NTR
A Sqn
1120 hrs 6 rds 75mm at 25652750. Night harassing fire 20 rds 105mm on PERICOLI.
B Sqn
Recce to new location (FORLI area) otherwise NTR
C Sqn
1430 – 1530 hrs, target MOLINAZZ) COLUMBARA and Pt. 176 engaged with 55 rds 75mm. After the first 3 rounds on COLUMBARA a loud rumbling noise was heard which continued for 25 minutes. Visibility was very bad (about 40 yds) and nothing could be observed. During the afternoon the only fit tank on ZULA ridge moved back to PIDEURA.
2030 – 2200 60 rds 105mm harassing fire was carried out on the usual targets.
6/2/45 RHQ – NTR
A Sqn
1445 – 75mm fire on 24262630 – 6 rds.
1510 – 75mm fire on 25102722 – 6 rds.
Grousers removed from tanks.
B Sqn
Conducted Polish recce of all forward positions.
C Sqn
1100 – 1300 hrs 80 rds 75mm fired at five targets registered with 75mm.
1200 – Lt Col Skinner – 8th Army expert on mud, arrived to test the ground and take sample of mud. He was astonished to find marshes at the top of a mountain, as being contrary to all his previous experience.
1930 – 2030 harassing fire with 50 rds 105mm.
7/2/45 RHQ tanks left for new location by transporters at 1730 hrs.
A Sqn
1200 – Tanks moved to FAENZA by road.1700 – Tanks left by transporters.
B Sqn
Relief by Polish Tank Sqn commenced at 2100 hrs and hand over complete with Sqn withdrawn and transported to FORLI area by 0630 8th Feb
C Sqn
Lt Hudson proceeded to new area to arrange billets. Polish recce party arrived to carry out a more detailed recce of the Sqn area.
1400 – 15 rds 75mm fired on COLUMBARA.
1930 – 5 rds at house where Infantry reported some men unloading petrol cans.
2030 – 2130 harassing fire with 55 rds 105mm on all targets registered.
8/2/45 RHQ
0900 – Main RHQ and B1 Echelon moved to new location BARISANO. CO and RIO remnained to complete the take over by the Poles.A Sqn – NTRB Sqn – NTRC Sqn0100 – 0200 harassing fire with 105mm.0600 – 4 tanks away from troop area all returned to troop area. During the day the area was officially handed over to the Poles.
2359 – Sqn moved on tracks to FAENZA and then on transporters to area 477241, completed by 0330 9th Feb.
9/2/45 0930 take-over by 1st Polish Armd Regt complete and Tac RHQ moved to new location.
11/2/45 0930- Regt Church Parade at Garrison Theatre FORLI conducted by Rev Burnett CFThe following awards approved by the King:-
Captain James Francis McGrath -Military Cross
Lt Stanley Charles Hadley -Military Cross

Lt GB Murray attached to the Regt.
12/2/45 Courses begun at Bde Schools in FORLI for conversion from Sherman to Churchill tanks.
14/2/45 Capt T Templeton assumed duties of Adjt.
17/2/45 Lt GB Lane and cut-down Stuarts left by transporters to become attached to 15th Army Transport Column RASC.
23/2/45 Major JM Warner left for an important appointment at RAC TD.

March 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson
Mar 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/3/45 Conversion courses at Bde School still in progress.
5/3/45 Major KV Fidler assumed duties of 2i/c Regt.
7/3/45 A Sqn and RHQ Churchill tanks moved from School area to Sqn areas. B & C Sqn tanks moved by transporter to training area South of FORLI.
17/3/45 A Sqn and RHQ tanks moved to training area. B & C Sqn return to billet area.
24/3/45 A Sqn carry out scheme in training area, attended by 8th Army Comd and Comd 3 Carp Div.
26/3/45 B Sqn scheme with 2 Carp Bde.
27/3/45 CO addresses all officers on Future Operations.
Capt McClean MBE ToS and posted to A Sqn
30/3/45 Good Friday – Church service at RHQ.

April 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson
Apr 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/4/45 Regt concentrated in area FORLI – RHQ at BARISANO, A Sqn at S GEORGIO, B Sqn M468231, C Sqn M472238, B2 Echelon M4421.
2/4/45 C Sqn conducted 95mm shoot in training area South of FORLI. A Sqn carried out exercise in local area involving movement across open country. CO attended conference at 2nd POLCORPS HQ.
3/4/45 B Sqn carried out 95mm shoot in training area.
4/4/45 C Sqn carried out 95mm shoot in training area. Sqn reps attended demonstration by B Sqn 51st RTR, including “crocodile” flame throwers and “crab” flail tanks.
23/4/45 Regt concentrated in MINERBIO area.
27/4/45 Warning order received for 2i/c, Major CJR Harvey and one officer per Sqn to proceed on ADIGE Traffic Control Party.
28/4/45 ADIGE Traffic Control party left Regt to take over duties at RADIGE.

May 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson
May 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
2/5/45 Cessation of hostilities in Italy with the unconditional surrender of German Army Group ‘C’. involving over 1,000,000 men.
3/5/45 Preparation for first stages of move to PADUA conc area.
4 – 5 Regt moves to area SE of PADUA.
7/5/45 The following decorations were awarded:-
Major KV Fidler MC -DSO
Major JM Warner -MC
Capt CGB Whitehead MM -MC
SSM H Wardman -MM
Sgt AF Hodges -MM
LCpl J Green -MM
12 Crocodiles and trailers received. One flame thrower troop, each of 4 crocodiles, in each of the three Sqns.
8/5/45 Cessation of hostilities in Europe with the unconditional surrender of the German Armed Forces.
13/5/45 The CO, 2i/c, Sqn Ldrs, 2 officers per Sqn and 240 ORs attended Bde Thanksgiving Service held at RHQ 8th RTR. The salute was taken by the Bde Comdr Brigadier KC Cooper OBE.
15/5/45 CO, RIO and 2i/c Sqns left on recce of new area in Austria.
18/5/45 CO returned from Austria to proceed on FLIAP.
2200 hrs tanks lifted by transporters to staging area at UDINE.
19/5/45 Major CJR Harvey assumed command of the Regt.
Echelons left PADUA to proceed to new area in Austria.
20/5/45 Regt in new area. GRIFFIN
Regt came under command 46th Infantry Div.
21/5/45 Security patrols sent out by Recce Troop captured 2 SS officers and 4 SS ORs.
The following letter received by the CO from Major General DW Reid CBE DSO MC, Commander 10th Ind Div.

“Will you please excuse the grave delay in writing to you. I think this is now the third time you have worked with 10 Ind Div. I think you know what our chaps, British and Indian troops alike, think of you and your very fine fellows in the 6th Royal Tank Regiment.
It has always been a case of smiles on all faces when it has been known that it was the 6th Royal Tank Regiment who were going to play with us.
Many, many thanks to you all for all you did for us last winter and again in this last recent and final affair. Will you please tell your officers and men how grateful we all are in 10 Ind Div.
In the meanwhile, all good fortune to you all and the very best of luck”.

22/5/45 Rounding up of surrendered Wehrmacht personnel continues.
23/5/45 The following immediate awards were made:-
Major RJC Williamson -MC
Lt GHD Arding -MC
Lt EB Hudson -MC
Cpl JT Pritchard -MM
25/5/45 Recce Troop captured complete staff of German Legation to ZAGREB, including the Chancellor and his mistress, a total of 13 in all. Handed over to 9 Manch PW Cage.
26/5/45 A Sqn moved to area WOLFSBERG passing under command 138 Infantry Bde.
27/5/45 B Sqn moved to area EBERSTEIN passing under command 139 Infantry Bde.
28/5/45 All Sqns assisted in picketing roads along which Cossacks were being moved, in process of being handed over to the Russian forces at JUDENBERG. No incidents reported.
29/5/45 The following immediate awards were made:-
Lt JF McGrath MC -bar to MC
Capt PV Hulley -Mentioned in Despatches
2Lt HF Rumsy promoted Lt.
30 – 31 Road pickets continued.

June 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson
Jun 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/6/45 The following immediate awards were made:-
Capt NC Shillinglaw -MC
Sgt G MacLeod -MM
Sgt F Perry -MM
Road picketing continued.
2/6/45 2 surrendered personnel, strongly suspected to be SS men, apprehended in RHQ area and handed over to 373 POW Camp.Road picketing continued.
3/6/45 Road picketing continued.
6/6/45 B Sqn moved to KULNITZ and passed under command 128 Infantry Bde.
C Sqn passed under command RA 46th Infantry Div.
7/6/45 The following immediate award was made:-
Dvr SAE Gregory (Royal Signals) att 6th RTR –MM
9/6/45 5Tp B Sqn moved to LAVAMUND to reinforce frontier post.
11/6/45 The following immediate award was made:-
Lt Col AC Jackson -DSO
12/6/45 Lt Col AC Jackson returns from leave and assumes command of the Regt.
13/6/45 The following were ToS:-
Lt HJ Clayton HQ Sqn
Lt JM Jackson HQ Sqn
Lt JJB Bettington A Sqn
Lt G Rhodes B Sqn
Lt ACS Crampton C Sqn
Lt FA Wheeler C Sqn
15/6/45 Major A Aplin appointed Political Voting Officer.
16/6/45 Unit Rest Camp opened on the shore of the Worther See.
18/6/45 Lt JM Jackson appointed Assistant Adjt.
The following was Mentioned in Despatches: Lt HS Hodding.
22/6/45 CO conference at RHQ.
A Sqn established road block at Y.664069
25/6/45 Leave party of 1 officer and 21 ORs, comprising the first Land LIAP party left the unit to proceed to UK on leave.
Capt NC Shillinglaw left for UK on Close Support Bomber Control course.
27/6/45 3 Sherman Dozers received and allocated to HQ Sqn.
30/6/45 C Sqn moved to conc area one mile South of KOFLACH. Two SP Troops 58 A/Tk Regt RA came under command of C Sqn.

July 1945 CO: Lt Col AC Jackson DSO
Jul 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
4/7/45 VE Day Holiday
11/7/45 C Sqn moved to EDELSCHROTT and came under command 1 AGRA.
12/7/45 Major General HL Birks DGRAC visited the Regt.
13/7/45 Major RJC Williamson MC assumed command of the Regt in the absence of the CO in hospital.
14/7/45 Major RW Hill Assumed command of the Regt.Capt JK MacLean MBE promoted A/Major.
Lt RL Downie promoted A/Captain.
15/7/45 The Non Fraternisation Order relaxed, owing to the good behaviour of the Austrian civilians.
16/7/45 Major NEO Watts OBE taken on strength.
17/7/45 Major NEO Watts OBE assumed command of the Regt.
20/7/45 Lt PNC Custance taken on attached strength and posted to B Sqn
Capt KW Rhodes appointed Equitation Officer.
24/7/45 C Sqn moved to UNTER PREMSTATTEN
25 – 26 Recce of GRAZ area by CO and Major MacLean MBE.
28/7/45 Regt less C Sqn under command 7th Armd Bde.
31/7/45 B Sqn moved to St PAULS.

August 1945 CO: Major NEO Watts OBE
Aug 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/8/45 RHQ and HQ Sqn moved to St PAULS.
4/8/45 Land LIAP party left the Regt
.Capt KW Rhodes appointed Adjt.
5/8/45 Capt JB Aylward promoted A/Major.
7/8/45 Lt EW Sudale promoted A/Captain.
8/8/45 The undermentioned were mentioned in despatches in recognition of gallantry and distinguished service in ITALY:-
  • Lt R Bruce
  • Lt WB MacGregor (since killed in action)
  • Sgt RFH Boyce Sgt R Dewer
11/8/45 Lt P Helps re-granted rank of T/Capt.
14/8/45 Lt Col AC Jackson visited the Regt from Convalescent Depot.
18/8/45 VJ Day Holiday.
Capt P Helps appointed Adjt
19/8/45 VJ Day holiday
31/8/45 Recce party commanded by Major RW Hill left for new area.

September 1945 CO: Lt Col NEO Watts OBE
Sep 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/9/45 The undermentioned were mentioned in despatches in recognition of gallantry and distinguished service in ITALY:-
  • Major JK MacLean MBE
  • Capt JG Mauldon MC
Capt JG Mauldon appointed A/Major.
3/9/45 Major NEO Watts OBE granted the temporary rank of Lt Col.
4/9/45 Lt JM Jackson granted rank of A/Captain.
7/9/45 The following were ToS and posted as shown:-
Major ID Banks 2i/c of the Regt
Capt BF Grieve C Sqn
Lt JK Black C Sqn
29 ORs reinforcements received.
9/9/45 Main party of Regt left for new area SCHIO.
12/9/45 WO2 (SSM) J Storey appointed WO1 (RSM) vice RSM AH Parsons on Land LIAP.
17/9/45 Regt passed under command 2nd Armd Bde.
Major ID Banks assumes command of the Regt during absence on duty of the CO.
Major RW Hill granted the powers of a detachment commander whilst commanding TUNIS Camp, ULM, Germany.
12 ORs ToS.
22/9/45 70 ORs ToS.
24/9/45 CO returns from duty and re-assumes command.
26/9/45 Major Banks assumed command of the Regt vice Lt Col NEO Watts OBE on LIAP.

October 1945 CO: Lt Col G Gaisford DSO
Oct 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
1/10/45 GOC 6th Armd Div, Major General H Murray CB DSO, inspected 6th RTR.
3/10/45 Lt R Brown ToS.
9/10/45 Capt JB Aylward re-granted temp rank of Major.
12/10/45 Lt AI Tarby re-granted temp rank of Capt.
Capt GN Williams taken on attached strength.
14/10/45 Major DA Windeler assumes command of Regt during temp absence of Major Banks.
17/10/45 Major Banks reassumes command of the Regt.
19/10/45 Lt Col G Gaisford DSO ToS of this unit and assumes command of the Regt.
29/10/45 6 ORs ToS.

November 1945 CO: Lt Col G Gaisford DSO
Nov 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
10/11/45 Lt GB Lane ToS.
14/11/45 Capt MP Dixon ToS and posted to B Sqn.
Capt HC Reid detached to 6th Armd Div Lumber Camp as 2i/c.
19/11/45 Supreme Allied Commander, Lt General Sir William D Morgan KCB DSO MC, visited the unit and inspected C Sqn.
20/11/45 Regt celebrated Cambrai Day.
21/11/45 Capt EW Sudale proceeded on Class B release.
26/11/45 Brigade Commander Brigadier JFB Coombe DSO made a short tour of inspection of the unit.
28/11/45 Lt AD Marks and Lt RE Parrott attached to this unit from 9th Lancers

December 1945 CO: Lt Col G Gaisford DSO
Dec 45 6th Royal Tank Regiment
9/12/45 Lt JK Black appointed acting Adjt vice Capt Helps on LIAP.
10/12/45 Brigadier CWM Timmis paid visit to Regt.
11/12/45 B Sqn moves to Casa del Popolo SCHIO.
14/12/45 CO departs for UK on duty, Major ID Banks assumes command.
19/12/45 Release Group 24 personnel departed.
21/12/45 Lecture on the COMET Tank by Capt Woodbridge at C Sqn.
28/12/45 C Sqn give dance in aid of RTR Memorial Fund.Lt AD Marks attached 6th Armd Div Farm.
29/12/45 PYTHON 31. Capt HC Reid and 26 ORs depart.
31/12/45 CO re-assumes command on return from UK.

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