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War Diaries

The Royal Tank Regiment
August 1939 To March 1946

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Royal Tank Regiment Badge

January 1946 CO: Lt Col G Gaisford DSO
Jan 46 6th Royal Tank Regiment
5/1/46 Court on Inquiry convened ‘Loss of Polish Trailers’.
8/1/46 Court of Inquiry convened ‘QL lorry No 552513 became frozen up’.
10/1/46 Lt P Custance returned from LIAP.
11/1/46 Lt Arding returns from 46th Infantry Div.
16/1/46 Lt Hudson departs on release.
18/1/46 Capts Helps and Tarbey return from LIAP.
19/1/46 Capt Helps re-assumes duties of Adjt.
22/1/46 Major MacLean MBE returns from LIAP.
25/1/46 Capt Callan arrives to take up appointment as RTA vice Capt Cottrell.
4th RTR Advance party arrives.
26/1/46 Capt Jackson departs on release.
Major Banks departs for course in UK
28/1/46 FGCM assembles – SQMS Venn, LCpl Crossland.

February 1946 CO: Lt Col G Gaisford DSO
Feb 46 6th Royal Tank Regiment
4/2/46 24 reinforcements arrive.
9/2/46 Capt AM Taylor MC joins the Regt.
14/2/46 Capt Templeton and Lt Johnston depart on release.
18/2/46 Major MacLean assumes command of the Regt.
Lt Arding MC departs on recce of the firing range at CORVA in BADIA. Recce unsuccessful due to snow.
26/2/46 Lt Cotterill departs to RASC.
27/2/46 Lt Crampton departs on LIAP and then to RASC on return.

March 1946 CO: Lt Col G Gaisford DSO
Mar 46 6th Royal Tank Regiment
3/3/46 Lt Underwood posted to RASC.
6/3/46 Lt field departs on CHP.
Lt Lane posted to RASC.
CO returns from MEF.
7/3/46 CO re-assumes command of the Regt.
Lt Col Gaisford assumes command of 2nd Armd Bde vice Brig Coombe absent on duty.
8/3/46 Capt Shillinglaw MC and Capt Lucraft depart on release.
62 reinforcements arrive.
12/3/46 Major General Loewen visits Regt.
18/3/46 2Lt Alexander arrives ex UK.
19/3/46 Lt Bruce departs to 6th Armd Div HQ.
24/3/46 Capt Curren departs to 2nd Armd Bde.
25/3/46 2Lts Langston and Rowe arrive ex UK.
29/3/46 FGCM Tpr Cryer and Tpr SOMMA.
2Lt E Izard arrives ex UK.

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