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War Diaries

2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
September 1939 to January 1943 (Disbanded)
CO: Lt Col NA Birley
January 1942
1/1/42 2 RGH moved to Bde concentration area X4788
8/1/42 Regt moved to MSUS where tanks were handed over to TDS and most of B equipment to OFP.
9/1/42 Regt moved back on own transport and third line RAOC transport.
11/1/42 Regt arrives MRASSAS 20 miles West of TOBRUK.
13/1/42 Lt Col NA Birley returned to Regt.
22/1/42 "Flap Force" Regt formed under Lt Col NA Birley from 22 Armd Bde of which 2 RGH formed RHQ, HQ Sqn and one fighting Sqn.
Composite Regt.
B Sqn 4 CLY
A Sqn 3 CLY
RHQ from RGH
A Echelon protection
B Echelon protection
- 9 American M3 Tanks & 7 Cruiser Mk VIa.
- 9 American M3 Tanks & 6 Cruiser Mk VIa. And 1 Cruiser Mk VI.
- 16 American tanks M3
- 3 Cruiser Mk VI a and 1 M3. 3 Mk III A/Cs. 3 Mk Ia scout cars.
- 1 M3.
- 3 Mk 3s and one Mk VIa.

RGH officers:- Lt Col NA Birley DSO, Major WA White, Capt HM Muir, Capt RE Maunsell, Capt EH Milvain, Capt AB Waters, Capt VH Tubbs, Capt AT Brenchley, Lt QM WE Jerden, 2Lts T Lawton, CJ Meade, JNE Slee, JBF Eckersley, JR Proctor, WT Gresham, K Ibbot, DG Corrie, GG Bord, WMS Jeffrey, GM Crossman.
24/1/42 Moved to collect tanks at MSUS. Arrived TMIMI.
26/1/42 Arrived BIR LIAFA where composite Regt were given tanks and A/Cs from TDS.
27/1/42 Remainder of Regt with Bde moved to BAGOUSH.
CO: Lt Col NA Birley
February 1942
3/2/42 Balance of Regt left BAGUSH and arrived EL DABA. Left EL DABA on 4/2/42 and arrived SIDI BISHR Transit Camp.
4/2/42 Composite Regt handed all A equipment to Queens Bays less 3 A/Cs which went to Royals.
1530 - Left BIR LIAFA. Arrived CAPUZZO. Transported in B equipment of composite Regt.
5/2/42 Left CAPUZZO and arrived MERSA MATRUH.
6/2/42 Left MERSA MATRUH and arrived SIDI BISHR Transit Camp near Alexandria on night of 6/7 Feb.
Capt SL Lloyd to Major wef 19/11/41
Lt NH King to Capt wef 19/11/41
Capt NH King to Major wef 22/11/41
Lt Cookson to Capt wef 19/11/41
Lt SA Pitman to Capt wef 19/11/41
Lt HE Milvain to Capt wef 19/11/41
2Lt Muir to Capt wef 23/11/41
Lt VH Tubbs to Capt wef 23/12/41
Capt WA White to Major wef 25/11/41

Capt RE Maunsell relinquishes appointment as Adjutant wef 24/11/41.
Capt HM Muir appointed Adjutant wef 24/11/41.

Casualties 18/11/41 (Day 1) to 4/2/42

Remainder of February Missing
March 1942    Missing
April 1942;   Missing
[Transcriber's Note: Correlating with 3rd CLY Diary who were also part of 22nd Armd Bde it is probable that 2nd RGH were in a similar situation. That is, most of the period of February to mid May was spent in resting and training. Full details are available by referring to 3 CLY diary for the period, also available in digitised form from the Tank Museum.]
CO: Lt Col NA Birley
May 1942
1 - 25 Not available
26/5/42 Bde moved to cover minefield gaps B.701 380402
27/5/42 2 RGH in reserve faced South while remainder of Bde faced NW. The enemy attacked from the SW with 120 tanks, 60 of which were diverted on to the Regtl box. The box was overrun and the regt lost nearly 30% of its tank strength.
The Regt was ordered to move North at 1000 hrs to pivot on Gds Bde box at Knightsbridge. Regt took up position on ridge East of Knightsbridge and faced South. Unit then replenished and observed 6pdrs in action for the first time.
In evening at B.653 repelled attack from the West (25 Mark III/IV).
Lt Ades lost in first action with whole troop at 701.
Sqn Leader's tank with rear link was knocked out.
Lt Proctor wounded.
Missing, believed killed
Missing believed POW


2Lt Summerell
Sgt Yool
Sgt Poole
28/5/42 Sat all day waiting (BIR BELLIFA).
Lined up at dark from BIR BELLIFA to 653.
Germans expected to break through East along valley North of BIR BELLIFA. "Thin Red Line".
Incident when friendly staff car, 2 A/C and 2 15cwt rushed through the line from Gds Box.
Wounded -1.
29/5/42 G Sqn went to help 3 CLY B.601 in an attack from the South by the enemy.
H Sqn with RHQ went to intercept enemy column advancing from HARMAT.
In dust storm, one troop got right in amongst the enemy and lost 1 tank.
4 CLY arrived in the evening and a brief action took place as dust cleared.
Leaguered at midnight.
Lt Meade went back to B1, thence to hospital.
Missing believed POW     -3.
30/5/42 Reveille 0430.
Went West to help 4th Bde in an attack on HARMAT.
Attack was put in after some delay but ground was not held. Some A/T guns destroyed.
In afternoon lined up to receive counter attack which did not materialise.
2nd Bde on right attacked group of 25 enemy tanks on ridge SW of BIR EL ASLAGH under cover of smoke provided by arty. Leaguered mile East of B.230.
2Lt Summerell wounded.
Wounded     -2
2 troops under 2Lts Jeffrey and Jaques went under comd 9th Lancers for this attack.
31/5/42 Reveille 0430. Everyone now very tired.
Col Birley, Majors White, Lloyd, Trevor, Capts Muir, Milvain and 2Lt Wareham went back to A1.
Unit now under comd 3 CLY.
Major King formed composite Sqn with Capt Gordon-Creed and 2Lts Jeffrey and Boyd.
Tank strength 16 Crusaders and 2 Honeys.
In the evening an order was received to stand by for infantry attack. This did not materialise.

Regt Strength 31 officers and 513 ORs.

Missing believed POW
CO: Lt Col NA Birley
June 1942
1/6/42 2 patrols sent forward under Capt Gordon-Creed and 2Lt Jeffrey to BIR EL ASLAGH to 'test' tanks on ridge.
Tanks found to be derelict but A/T guns dug in on ridge amongst tanks. One tank hit.
Crusaders handed over to 4 CLY.
Composite Sqn returned to A1
Capt Gordon-Creed to B1.


Awards, Sgt Ogden -MM
2/6/42 Regt moved to rear Bde B.605 to refit with Honeys and Grants from 4th Hussars. 32 Honeys and 14 Grants collected.
Capt Cookson came from B2 to G Sqn and Capt Maunsell to H Sqn.
Regt temporarily reinforced from Tank Reinforcement Sqn.
3/6/42 Major White went back to B and was subsequently evacuated to Hospital.
Major Taylor took over H Sqn.Capt Tubbs went as 2i/c to B Echelon.
4/6/42 Capt Pitman came to tanks from B1.
Capt Milvain went back to command Bde B2 Echelon.
Regt moved into position with 4 CLY B.702.
Tank strength:- H Sqn 14, F Sqn 12 (Grants), G Sqn 14, RHQ 4.
2Lt Knight Bruce missing believed POW since confirmed POW.
Wounded 1.
5/6/42 After bombardment from 0300 to 0345 (100 guns), composite Bde (4 CLY, 2 RGH) attacked West from B.230. Intention, to make sweep via BIR EL SCIRAB B.175, and rally B.230. Indians with Valentines had attacked before dawn and held triangle BIR EL TAMAR, B.202, B.178.Our attack reached B.178 where heavy A/T gunfire from guns dug in on ridge prevented any further advance. The Bde rallied B.203. 2 RGH and 4 CLY took up position facing West on ridge one mile South of B.203.
2 attacks by Germans, about 20 tanks in each thrust with infantry and infantry guns, were held off during the middle of the day and afternoon.
F Sqn went to help 3 CLY and Valentines repel attack at B.100 in the evening. 4 German Mark Iv were destroyed and claimed by F Sqn. Regt moved off to leaguer at 167 (BIR BELLIFA) at 2130 hrs. Reached 167 at 0030hrs owing to having to pass through Indian Bde who were attacked and cut up later that night by German tanks.
Lt Peel missing from morning attack now confirmed wounded POW.
Wounded     -4        Killed      -1
6/6/42 Broke leaguer at 0515 to find line of German tanks (25) with strong force of guns and A/T guns facing us on ridge T.185 to our South.
Regt formed up with 3 CLY on right, Gds Bde to our rear. No move was made by the enemy or our tanks but they were shelled by the Gds arty. The enemy put down some HE amongst us causing us to lose 2 Grants and 1 Honey.
The German tanks did not advance on to the box and we were ordered to advance East and conform to 3 CLY.
On approaching 167 the column was subjected to very heavy fire from the SE by 88mm guns and so 3 CLY turned North into valley by BIR BELLIFA. 2 RGH conformed to this movement.
22 Armd Bde formed up facing SW at B.653 to help Box (de Graz) B.180.
Col Birley died of wounds and Capt Muir (Adj) was killed in move East and North round BIR BELLIFA by 88mm guns.
Leaguered blockhouse B.653.
G Sqn Major Lloyd
H Sqn Major Taylor
-7 Honeys,
-7 Honeys,
F Sqn
-3 Honeys
-2 Grants

Major Trevor in command.
22 Armd Bde Regt:-4 CLY    -8 Crusaders, 14 Grants
3 CLY    -5 Crusaders
4 RTR     -15 Valentines
2 RGH     -17 Honeys.
2Lt G Wareham and 2Lt Jeffrey went to A1.In Regt tank strength, Major Trevor, Major Kink, Major Taylor, Capt Cookson (rear link), 2Lts P Jaques, J Eckersley, G Boyd, P Crawford.
7/6/42 Regt moved NE to 187 (15 tanks, F fitters).
Mr Jeffrey returned to tanks.
Last 2 Grants handed over to 3 CLY.
8 tanks made a patrol to BIR EL RIGEL, afterwards joined by 22 Armd Bde Regt. No action took place.
Quiet day, leaguered at 2100 at 187 (3842).
Wounded -4.
8/6/42 2Lt Jaques to B1.
Regt became Patrol Sqn for 22 Armd Bde.Recce SW, West and NW TP.191, B.652.
Major Trevor in command.
H Sqn
G Sqn
- Capt Cookson (rear link), 2Lt G Boyd (navigator).
- 2Lt Eckersley  -3 tanks
- Sgt A'Bear  -3 tanks
- 2Lt Jeffrey  -3 tanks
- Sgt Anderson   -3 tanks

Little activity, quiet day.Trevor Column suggested.Leaguered 0930 hrs 377427.
9/6/42 2 RGH (1 Sqn) again went on patrol to B.154 facing W, SW, NW.
Major Trevor went to see Brig Willison. Talk of forming column with 18 Honeys, 6 Crusader, 4 Grants, one Sqn of A/Cs, one troop of 25pdrs, one Coy of infantry and six 6pdrs to go through minefields and harass MET behind German lines. Operation to be known as "Arduous". The Echelon of this column would be enormous and the column has quite lost the idea of a quick dash.
10/6/42 At 1000hrs news came of German attack probably developing towards Knightsbridge in NE direction so column idea off.
2 RGH withdrew to EL ADEM to refit and despatch H Sqn South of BIR HACHEIM to join 7th Armd Div Motor Bde on harassing column.
Casualties to date since Day 1 May 27th:
Missing blvd POW
Missing blvd killed
11/6/42 Reveille 0630.
At 1230 H Sqn moved South to join 7th Motor Bde's "July Column" with complete A1 and B Echelons.
Major Taylor, Capt Maunsell, "Lts Eckersley, Crawford, Stuart Jones, G Wareham (RHQ), navigator, and Sgt A'Bear. 16 Honeys.
2 Lt Kirkby i/c A1.
Capt Tubbs i/c B1.
The remainder of the Regt under Major Trevor moved back to B1 B.894, EL ADEM.Capt Gordon-Creed went to HQ !st Armd Div Staff (temporarily).
Wounded     -2.
12/6/42 Major Trevor killed at ACROMA by Stukas.
Major Lloyd takes command.
Bde B Echelon moved from 4 miles West of EL ADEM to EL MRASSAS.
11 vehicle loaned to 1st Armd Div HQ RE (CRE) for one week.
Majors Lloyd and King go to see Bde about keeping the Regt together and not allowing it to be dispersed or separated.
13/6/42 Regt remained with Bde B Echelon.
Majors Lloyd and King go to Bde and Div to keep Regt together.
Tank battle between Knightsbridge and EL ADEM.
Germans said to have 80 tanks left.
14/6/42 Moved on 13th Corps order from MRASSAS to SALUM to join TDR.
15/6/42 Moved with 9th Lancers and 10th Hussars from SALUM to MISHEIFA (railhead), to contact TDR (Brig Fisher).
Regt comes under comd 86 Sub Area.
2Lt Meade rejoined Regt from hospital.Wounded - 1 (2Lt S Jones H Sqn).
16/6/42 Personnel and truck maintenance.
2Lt J Curgenven appointed acting Adjutant.Major King leaves for 30 Corps to see Major General Willoughby Norrie.
17/6/42 Remained in same location.
No orders received from TDR or 86 Sub Area.
Wounded     -2
18/6/42 Major King returned from 30 Corps.
Moved to SALUM (ALAM EL KIDAD), to 22 Armd Bde from 86 Sub Area.
19/6/42 Return from SALUM with 22 Armd Bde to BIR ENBA.
20/6/42 Ordered to join 8th Hussars (4th Armd Bde), where we were to provide one Sqn and Echelon to operate with 4 Armd Bde Support Group in harassing column. Remainder of Regt to go to MERSA MATRUH.
21/6/42 Remained with 8th Hussars.
Wounded    -1 (H Sqn)
22/6/42 Rejoined 22 Armd Bde. Left MISHEIFA, marched East 15 miles with 22 Armd Bde.Wounded    -1 (H Sqn)
23/6/42 Continued march to BIR EL KANAYIS with 22 Armd Bde.
24/6/42 Left 22 Armd Bde to reform under Brig Briggs at AMIRIYA.
Handed over equipment and 1098 equipment to 4 CLY at FUKA.Arrived at EL DABA.
25/6/42 Regt less H Sqn arrived SIDI BISHR.
28/6/42 G Sqn left to join 1 Armd Bde TDR EL HAMMAM with Echelon.
At TDR they took over 16 Honeys and were ordered to join 22 Armd Bde whom they reached on July 2nd.
H Sqn returned to RHQ SIDI BISHR from 7 Motor Bde July Column.
Killed    -1
29/6/42 The Regt ( F& H Sqn), left SIDI BISHR and went to ?ex as part of ALEXANDRIA Defence Force. The position was on the BAB EL ARAB Canal which was the last defended position in ALEXANDRIA. The Regt was acting as infantry equipped with Italian MGs, rifles, hand grenades and Molotov cocktails.
Major King OC 2nd RGH.G Sqn moved from HAMMAM and travelled West 15 miles and awaited orders. RHQ (ie Orderly Room etc) remained at SIDI BISHR.
30/6/42 Major Taylor went to hospital.
CO: Lt Col NA Birley
July 1942
2/7/42 G Sqn were ordered to join 22 Armd Bde whom they reached at 890276 becoming reserve Sqn to Bde under Bde command. The Sqn consisted largely of G Sqn personnel but was made up to strength by drawing upon other Sqns.Officers:- Major SL Lloyd, Capt PH Cookson, Capt EH Milvain, Lt G Boyd, Lt Meade, 2Lt Jeffrey, 2Lt Jaques and Lt E Taylor (comd Sqn A Echelon).
Bde carried out an attack on German tanks in the afternoon, in the area 880275.
3/7/42 Sqn still in reserve. 2Lt Jaques was evacuated at 0830 being wounded in the leg by sheelfire directed at Bde HQ.
4/7/42 F & H Sqns and RHQ returned to SIDI BISHR from BAB EL ARAB.
G Sqn came under command 4 CLY (Major HB Scott). The Sqn carried out an afternoon attack against German infantry in the area 886278.
After advancing a little way they were ordered to withdraw having taken 6 prisoners.
A direct hit on a tank by HE caused two casualties, 1 fatal.
5/7/42 Regt moved to DAMANHUR as canal guard under command 10 Div. G Sqn handed over Honeys to 5 RTR in exchange for 14 Crusaders, and were made up to strength, 16, by the addition of 2 Crusaders from 3 CLY under 2Lt Sale and augmented by 3 personnel from 22 Armd Bde HQ.
That evening the Sqn passed under command 9th Lancers, commanded by Lt Col R McDonnell.
The 9th Lancer Regt consisted of one 9L Sqn of Crusaders, one 9L Sqn of Grants and G Sqn 2 RGH.
Lancers remained in position in the area West of ALAM BROSHAZA holding positions alternately on the North ridge and the South ridge. G Sqn took their turn in these operations.
12/7/42 2Lt Jeffrey and his troop captured a Pzkw II almost undamaged, and also captured the crew.
15/7/42 9th Lancers came under command 2nd Armd Bde, 1st Armd Div and advanced with a New Zealand Bde and 22 Armd Bde (on their left), to Pt64 881279. About 4 miles of ground were made.
At about 1700 hrs, in an advance to secure ground 881279, Sgt Gladman and Tpr Wright were killed, their tank being hit by an anti-tank gun. Lt G Boyd, L/Cpl Eighteen and Tpr Brett had their tank hit by the same gun and were wounded.
Thereafter 9 Lancers patrolled the area 879275 either to the ? or to the North looking towards EL RUWEISAT.
16/7/42 2Lt C Kirkby who had come up to the Sqn the day before was killed by machine gun fire when on patrol.
2Lt Jeffrey was wounded by A/T gun fire.
18/7/42 Regt returned from canal guard.
Postings to the Regt:-
Lt Col TGG Cooper
Lts Alltree, D Gilliat, IM Walker, FN Norbury, RI Turner.
20/7/42 All tank crews less G Sqn crews returned to SIDI BISHR.
22/7/42 The Crusaders were handed over to the 9 Lancers and G Sqn returned to RHQ SIDI BISHR.
31/7/42 H Sqn ordered to join % RTR, 22 Armd Bde as Light Sqn (DIR EL RIGEL).
Lt Meade injured whilst loading tanks onto transporters.
CO: Lt Col TGG Cooper
August 1942
3/8/42 2Lt Jeffrey rejoined the Regt. H Sqn (Major Taylor) relieved A Sqn 5 RTR at DIR EL TARFA.
10/8/42 Major King commanded C Sqn 5 RTR - 12 Grants.
The tanks were manned by US Army personnel and 5 RTR crews, under 5 RTR command.
Officers:- 2Lt Boon, Lt Anderson, Capt Bailey (US Army).
G Sqn took over 15 Crusaders from 1 Armd Bde TDR AMIRIYA, remaining there as Army reserve Sqn.
Whilst proceeding with training, the Sqn was held available and put on notice for any emergency which might have arisen from a parachute attack in the ALEXANDRIA area.
Officers with the Sqn:-
Major SL Lloyd, Capt PH Cookson, Capt EH Milvain, Lt IM Walker, 2Lts Gilliat, Jeffrey and FH Norbury.
12/8/42 5 RTR made a recce of 5 possible battle positions.
16/8/42 2Lt HO Oakes posted to the Regt.
17/8/42 5 RTR crews replaced by F Sqn crews.
Capt Tubbs and Lt Slee joined C Sqn 5 RTR.
19/8/42 Major AA Little posted to the Regt.
22/8/42 Lt JGH Kennedy posted to the Regt and attached to G Sqn.
24/8/42 G Sqn ordered to move under 30 Corps to 9th Australian Div.Capt Gordon-Creed joined HQ 1 Armd Div.
25/8/42 G Sqn arrived at 429899. Capt Milvain stayed behind sick. Sqn ordered to form part of an exploiting force under Major McIntyre 9 Aust Div, to operate in operations at any time after midnight Aug 25th.
The operation known as "Bulimba" was planned:
a)    To pierce the German defences at West Pt23 SW of TEL AL EISA 873299 by means of a barrage by the arty of 5 Australian Bde, followed by an attack by a Btn of infantry (2/15 Btn). They were to be supported by a Sqn of Valentines of 40 RTR.
b)    After the breach had been made, the exploiting force was to go through and do as much damage as it could to enemy L of C and workshops as far as the track running South from SIDI ABD EL RAHMEN.
The exploiting force consisted of G Sqn 2 RGH, Sqn HQ of 9 Australian Div, a troop of 25pdrs, a troop of 6pdrs, a troop of 2pdrs, a platoon of infantry, REs and could claim support from a battery of medium artillery, operating from behind. A fighter umbrella had been lain on and bomber support had been promised.
The operation was to take place at first light the day after any attack by German armour in the South.
26/8/42 2Lt Summerell returned to F Sqn and took over his troop.
31/8/42 At 0300 5 RTR moved into battle positions at 43788805 B.79, facing South and SE, left flank Regt. F Sqn left flank Sqn. The order was to stand firm. No withdrawal from that position.
H Sqn (A Sqn 5 RTR) had patrols out at 77 ridge.
G Sqn remained at 429899 till 2300hrs, when they moved up to 875298 to take part in operation Bulimba at first light.
As the attacking force was unable to hold open the hole which it had pierced in the enemy defences, the exploiting force was not called upon.
H Sqn moved at 0300 and were ordered to take up battle position.
At 1400 they were ordered to contact approaching enemy and their role was to draw the enemy on to our main battle position. 3 tanks were lost, 2 men being wounded. Several enemy tanks were hit, one being definitely destroyed. The Sqn were engaged until 2300 as contact patrol.
CO: Lt Col TGG Cooper
September 1942
1/9/42 At 0230 exchange of shots between enemy tanks and F Sqn. One enemy Mark II destroyed after which the enemy retired (range 500 yards). The enemy advanced from the South and during the day a battle was fought from first light until 1130 and again from 1700 until one hour after dark.
F Sqn (C Sqn 5 RTR) Casualties:-
Lt Anderson
Sgt Conner (US Army)
Tpr Benton F Sqn.
10 of out tanks were partially disabled but continued to fight and were recovered later. 9 enemy tanks destroyed.
The Sqn in spite of all tanks being hit continued to fight all tanks and only one man was seriously wounded.
H Sqn patrol assisted by a troop of 6pdrs had a successful action at first light.
2 enemy tanks destroyed and remainder were forced to retire rapidly from behind our main battle position which they had approached during the night.
The enemy then launched a second attack on our main battle positions and succeeded in working round the left flank. H Sqn were ordered to ward off enemy tanks which were attacking from left rear of our main battle position.
H Sqn tank strength:- 7 Crusaders (3 close support).
The Sqn succeeded in getting a good hull-down position and held off the enemy.
A Sqn of Grants was sent to assist, but in trying to engage with their low 75mm guns were forced to show themselves and lost 1 tank. The rest retired.
The main enemy attack appeared to be diverted from this front at 1000hrs.
H Sqn was relieved by Grants from 3 CLY and were then held in reserve.
Whilst the Sqn was in reserve position they came under heavy shellfire and Lt Turner was killed.
Constant activity of our bombers during the night caused large fires in the enemy lines.
H Sqn tank strength:-
2/9/42 Major Taylor went out on patrol with a troop and brought in a 150mm gun mounted on an unidentified tank chassis.
3/9/42 Capt Maunsell, Lt Stuart Jones and Sgt A'Bear on patrol at first light knocked out 2 enemy tanks.
Patrol remained in contact until 2000hrs. Unable to advance owing to anti-tank gun positions.
Capt Brenchley arrived.
4/9/42 G Sqn ordered to come under command 10 Armd Div and joined 10 Hussars as Div reserve at 434844.
H Sqn little activity. Tank strength 8.
5/9/42 2Lt D SAULT joins the Regt.
Three 6pdr Crusaders arrived for H Sqn.
Enemy gradually withdrawing.
6/9/42 4 more 6pdr Crusaders arrived for H Sqn.
Contacted G Sqn who had arrived 4 miles to the North (13 tanks).
7/9/42 H Sqn fired 6pdrs on range and were satisfied with them. It was decided to fight with 3 men in the turret.
Col & 2i/c visited the Regt.
10/9/42 The attached US Army personnel left and returned to the USA.
The Sqn was completed from F Sqn personnel. Officers:-
Major King, Capt Tubbs, Lts Slee, Summerell, 2Lts Alltree, Sault, Oakes. B Echelon Capt Pitman.
G Sqn joined 5 RTR at 429880.
11/9/42 All 6pdr tanks handed over.
18/9/42 Lt G Boyd rejoined the Regt.
Lt RJC Williamson posted to the unit.
19/9/42 F Sqn handed tanks to 5 RTR.
H Sqn left 5 RTR and handed over 13 tanks to workshops. Arrived SIDI BISHR in the evening.
20/9/42 F Sqn returned to SIDI BISHR.
G Sqn rejoined RHQ at SIDI BISHR.
Lt WPC Crawford posted to I section GHQ.
CO: Lt Col TGG Cooper
October 1942
1/10/42 Training under Sqn arrangements continued as per the programme submitted weekly to Bde. Regiment in quarantine owing to Diphtheria (from 26 Sept 42).
2/10/42 The following transport was handed over to OFP:-
3 tonners
GS 15cwt
3/10/42 Major AA Little ordered to proceed to HQ 10 Corps.
2Lt Kennedy rejoined the Regt for hospital.
4/10/42 Capt Milvain rejoined the Regt from hospital.
Lt Williamson promoted to Acting Paid Captain and 2i/c H Sqn.
Capt Maunsell promoted to Major and OC HQ Sqn.
6/10/42 Major Little to ABBASSIA.
7/10/42 2Lt Gilliat to 64 General Hospital.
12/10/42 RSM's Cadre Class for Junior NCOs commenced.
Lt Walker to hospital.
13/10/42 Grant tank M3 complete with guns received and allotted to G Sqn for training purposes.
14/10/42 Crusader Mk 3 complete with guns received and allotted to H Sqn for training purposes. Lt Taylor rejoined from hospital.
15/10/43 Capt (Rev) Llewellyn admitted to hospital (43 General) while on leave. Date not definitely known but thought to be the 15th.
16/10/42 Major Maunsell to 5 RTR. 2Lt Alltree rejoined from hospital. 2Lt Wareham assumed command HQ Sqn vice Major Maunsell.
17/10/42 Regtl D & M course finished. RSM's Cadre Class finished.
18/10/42 2Lt Wareham and 2Lt Jaques to Lt on completion of 18 months.
20/10/42 Major King F Sqn to HQ (Main) 8th Army. Capt VH Tubbs assumed command of Sqn.
Sherman tank Mk 4 received complete with guns and allocated to F Sqn for instructional purposes. Petrol driven.
21/10/42 2Lt Gilliat discharged from hospital.
24/10/42 Major Lloyd G Sqn to HQ (Main) 8th Army. Capt PH Cookson assumed command of Sqn.
25/10/42 Commanding Officers lecture on War situation to officers and senior NCOs.
26/10/42 2Lt Summerell F Sqn attached to No. 2 Port Workshops with 8 ORs.
S/Sgt Brown US Army, commenced instruction on Sherman stabiliser and power traverse.
28/10/42 Sgt Marshall US Army, commenced instruction on Sherman stabiliser and power traverse.
31/10/42 Regtl wireless course finished.

Appendix A - Field returns of officers (not available)
Appendix B - Field returns of ORs (not available)
Appendix C - Regimental Training
Appendix D - Morale
Appendix E - Health

Appendix C - Regimental Training
Special equipment for training purposes comprised 1 Sherman Tank (Petrol), 1 Grant and 1 Crusader 3. Training in the morning has been chiefly Foot and Arms drill and the usual Tank Revision courses - Wireless, Gunnery and D & M. Two American Sergeants have given a series of lectures on the Stabiliser and Power Traverse of the Sherman Tank. Miscellaneous lectures have been given by the Commanding Officer, Intelligence Officer and Troop Leaders. Squadrons have been allocated two Gunnery ranges at Sidi Bishr and Aboukir and have fired LMGs, Rifles and Pistols.

The afternoons have been completely devoted to organised games and sports, although the lack of equipment and suitable playing grounds has been a great handicap.

On arrival at Sidi Bishr from the desert the turnout and personal smartness of both officers and men was undoubtedly bad. Particular attention has been paid to this and a vast improvement has been made.

Appendix D - MORAL
The moral of the Regiment has not been helped by personnel being confined to Camp through quarantine, or by large sick parades. In fact the Commanding Officer and Squadron Leaders have been presented with a serious problem. Even so, the spirit of the Regiment has been maintained and is at the moment at a very high level. Excellent work has been done by the Entertainment Committee under Capt Tubbs, who has kept the men occupied and entertained. The Regimental Dance Band has been reformed and there is a regular system of indoor games and concerts in operation in a combined canteen and recreation tent.

The recent operations in the desert have been very closely watched by the Officers and men and there is a genuine desire throughout the Regiment to be out of quarantine and doing its share of the work.

Appendix H - HEALTH
The health of the Regiment after returning from the desert was bad, but there has been a marked improvement during the month of October. No statistics are available. Attached is a summary of health by the RMO, Capt Walters. [not available].
CO: Lt Col TGG Cooper
November 1942
1/11/42 SIDI BISHR2Lts Gilliat and Walker proceeded to RAOC Schools and Base Depot on courses.
3/11/42 2Lt Gilliat promoted to W/S Lt wef 26/7/42. Major MAA Little returned to unit.
5/11/42 Regiment removed from quarantine but placed on 6 hours notice as from 033 hrs 6 Nov 42. Major NH King returned from HQ 8th Army.
7/11/42 H Sqn detached for POW guard. Major SL Lloyd returned from 8th Army. 2Lt JD Eeley posted to unit and joined H Sqn. Lt J Wharton posted to unit and joined F Sqn.
8/11/42 Capt RJC Williamson admitted to hospital.
9/11/42 2Lts Jones S, Slee JNE, Alltree HSW, Oakes HO, Jeffrey WMS, Eckersley JD, Salt DG, Meade CJG promoted to W/S Lts wef 1/10/42. 2Lt AJ Summerell promoted to W/S Lt wef 14/10/42. Lts IM Walker and DF Gilliat rejoined from course.
10/11/42 Capt SA Pitman rejoined from course. Promoted Major and appointed HQ Sqn Leader.
11/11/42 Lt DG Salt detached to HQ Main Army as LO. Major MH Taylor returned from course. 5 new driver operators mustered. Regt ordered to provide POW guard, F & G Sqns detailed. Both Sqns later ordered to stand by to move to forward area to reinforce two units of 24 Armd Bde. POW guard cancelled.
12/11/42 Lt CO Gibb posted to unit and joined HQ Sqn. Lt GG Boyd appointed temp Capt wef 27/9/42. H Sqn returned.
13/11/42 Lt AJ Summerell rejoined from N02 2 Port workshops. F & G Sqns proceeded to forward area according to instructions and on arrival were ordered to return, reaching SIDI BISHR at 1730 having covered over 150 miles. Number of equipment approx 20.
14/11/42 Lts JGK Kennedy, HG Wareham and JD Eeley proceeded to Middle East Training Centre on courses. Sgt Marshall and S/Sgt Brown (instructors) returned to US Army.
15/11/42 Lt DG Salt returned from HQ 8th Army. Lt TGG Cooper, Capt EH Milvain MC, Capt GG Boyd proceeded to Middle East Training Centre on courses.
Lecture on Motor Brigade to all officers and SNCOs by Major Lord Grenfell.
18/11/42 Lecture on 'Operations in the Western Desert' to all officers and SNCOs by Brigadier AG Kenchington MC.
19/11/42 Lt DG Salt again detached to HQ 8th Army as LO.
24/11/42 Selected NCOs and men visited ABOUKIR aerodrome on aircraft recognition.
25/11/42 Selected NCOs and men visited ABOUKIR aerodrome on aircraft recognition. F Sqn fired 6pdr at 8th Army A/Tk School.
27/11/42 H Sqn fired 6pdr at 8th Army A/Tk School. Regt received orders to proceed to KHATATBA on 29th November.
28/11/42 Motor cycle trial held in the morning. At midday the instructions to move to KHATATBA were cancelled. News was received that the Regiment was to be disbanded. Major MH Taylor, in the absence of the Commanding Officer and the 2i/c, made this momentous announcement on a Regimental Parade. He informed the parade that the Regiment would cease to exist and that personnel would eventually join other units. Injunctions were given to dispel the many rumours then current and it appeared that nothing could be done, only wait for the disbanding of the Regiment. Major Taylor went on to say that originally 3 CLY were to have suffered the fate but as they were a first line unit and 2nd RGH a second line unit the blow would fall on the 2nd RGH despite the Regiment's impressive battle record and its seniority in the 22nd Armoured Brigade.
In the evening Major General Norman, AFV, GHQ, informed the officers and SNCOs that owing to the discontinuance of armoured reinforcements from UK to Middle East this Regiment would be used for drafting to units in the field.
29/11/42 G Sqn received orders to proceed to HQ 8th Army on 2/12/42.
30/11/42 Strength as at 30/11/42
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CO: Lt Col TGG Cooper
December 1942
1/12/42 SIDI BISHRCapt AT Brenchley and Lt FN Norbury returned from hospital.
4/12/42 Sergeants Mess meeting.
5/12/42 Capt GG Boyd, Lt HG Wareham, Lt Col TGG Cooper and Lt JD Eeley ceased to be attached to METC on completion of courses.
6/12/42 Capt RJ Williamson returned from hospital
7/12/42 Lt Stuart Jones commenced a short course on the German Army at HELWAI.
8/12/42 Announced in Regimental Orders that a wreath was placed on the Yeomanry Memorial, Gloucester, in memory of fallen comrades, by the RGH Old Comrades Association.
9/12/42 For the first time during this war, pay is now issued to ORs on a fortnightly basis.
10/12/42 As a result of the announcement of the disbandment of the Regiment, between 50 and 60 applicants for commissions were interviewed by a board consisting of Majors=Taylor (President), Lloyd, King and Pitman.
Major MAA Little posted to MO4 GHQ.
11/12/42 Regimental and Officer's Mess photographs taken.
15/12/42 Lt HS Alltree is admitted to 64 General Hospital.
16/12/42 Capt GM Crossman posted as GSO3 Air Liaison MEF.
Lt DG Salt posted to MI4 GHQ as IO.
19/12/42 Motor cycle trial held in Regtl camp.
22/12/42 Lecture by Lt Commander Thornton RN.
Squadron Leaders met to discuss Christmas arrangements.
Sgt Harding awarded the C in C's Card.
23/12/42 Lt HO Oakes admitted to hospital.
24/12/42 Christmas Eve.
Carol singing at 2300 in the new YMCA.
Midnight Mass (sung) at 2345 in the new YMCA.
25/12/45 Christmas Day.
Holy Communion at 0730 in stable Chapel.
Morning Service at 0915 in stable Chapel.
Inter-Squadron football competitions.
A Regimental Christmas Dinner was held for the men in the NAAFI at SIDI BISHR Camp at which the men were served by the officers and sergeants. In his speech, Lt Col Cooper said that this was the first time in the history of the unit that it was possible to hold the Christmas Dinner Regimentally.
No information could be given about the future but the prospects were not very cheering; still this cloud was not to interfere with our Christmas festivities.
Cpl DE Green HQ Sqn replied to the Commanding Officer's Toast.
26/12/42 Boxing Day.
Regimental sports competitions. Officers Mess dinner. Definite news about the disbanding of the Regiment. About 20 Naval personnel visited the Regiment as a result of Lt Commander Thornton's visit on the 22nd of December.
28/12/42 Final Regimental Parade. Inspection by the Commanding Officer.
In his address the Commanding Officer announced that despite the combined efforts of many notable people to keep this famous Regiment intact, word had now been received that we were to disband.
F Sqn would go mostly to the 4th Hussars, G Sqn to the Wiltshire Yeomanry and H Sqn to the 8th Hussars. He reminded the Regiment of their fine battle record and asked them to give of their best wherever they went.
Continuing, the Commanding Officer said that it was intended that a reunion be held after the war and that it would be announced in the Press. Concluding, he wished all ranks good luck, happiness and victory in 1943.
A photograph was taken of the Regiment on this its last parade.
29/12/42 Capt Milvain rejoined the Regt from hospital,
30/12/42 Return visit of officers and SNCOs of the Regt to the Navy. They go to sea for 3 days.
31/12/42 Strength as at 31/12/42.
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