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2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
September 1939 to January 1943 (Disbanded)
CO: Lt Col TGG Cooper
January 1943
Cpl Bayliss posted to RAC School and BD as W/T instructor.
2/1/43 Capt VH Tubbs to G(AFV) GHQ for interview with a view to appointment as ADC to Gen Wavell.
SQMS Cox and two troopers posted to ME Ski School.
96 ORs of H Sqn left to go to 8th Hussars.
3/1/42 Capt EH Milvain, Capt HG Wareham, Capt CG Boyd, Lt AE Taylor, Lt WMS Jeffrey, Lt I Walker, Lt FN Norbury, Lt D Gilliat and 110 ORs mostly of G Sqn entrained at SIDI BISHR station en route for ALLEPPO to join Royal Wilts Yeomanry.
6/1/43 Sgts Ellis, Harding and Browne despatched to Base Depot for posting to India as instructors.
SSM Palmer posted to RAC Base Depot in same rank.
Lt JB Eckersley and Lt J Jones posted to 5 RTR and despatched accordingly.
7/1/43 Lt JNE Slee and 63 ORs mostly of F Sqn posted and despatched to 4th Hussars. Lt GJG Meade and Lt Wharton and 23 ORs posted and despatched to 8th Hussars.
8/1/43 RQMS Paul posted to 8th Hussars.
9/1/43 Cpl Bayliss JC despatched to RAC Base Depot for posting to India as Instructor.
10/1/43 Capt PH Cookson and Lt JD Eeley despatched to Base Depot to attend O&C course at Gunnery School prior to being posted to and joining 10th Hussars.
Capt RJC Williamson posted to METC in rank of Major.
Rev WS Llewellyn and his driver batman despatched to rear 8th Army. 8 NCOs and 5 Tprs left to take up various appointments found for them by Base Depot.
11/1/43 0900 - CO held conference to make arrangements for futher dispersal, Major Sharpe AG 3b GHQ MEF visited the Regt and interviewed certain officers with regard to future appointments.
Approval received for the despatch of a cadre of 2 officers and 10 ORs to UK for absorption into 1st RGH.
1430 - CO and Adjutant attended conference held at HQ 24th Armd Bde. Received instructions to move remainder of Regt to COWLEY CAMP MENA on 14th Jan and to reform into a Holding Regt (establishment unknown) to receive and hold a large draft of officers and ORs arriving from UK about 17th Jan. The formation of this unit in no way to interfere with dispersal of 2 RGH which is to be complete on 15 Jan. All equipment (G1098) handed to RSD Alexandria today.
12/1/43 CO held Sqn Leaders conference and explained what the remnants of the Regt were going to do, though he had some difficulty in explaining why it was necessary to disband 2nd RGH owing to shortage of reinforcements, if in a weeks time there were so many arriving in the country that Base Depot could not cope with them and two new holding units had to be formed to deal with them.The explanation, though unsatisfactory, was accepted.
Rest were all moved into one Squadron namely HQ Sqn and all other imprest accounts were closed.
13/1/43 Plans made for moving remnants of 2 RGH to new location as follows:-
By road, 9 officers and 37 ORs,
By rail, 2 officers and 146 ORs.
Major MH Taylor to remain behind i/c rear party.
Striking of Camp, draw and erect tentage etc.
14/1/43 Regiment moved to F Camp COWLEY and arrived in the evening.
15/1/43 CO and Adjutant attended conference at HQ 24th Armd Bde to discuss reception of draft of officers and ORs due to arrive from the UK.2nd RGH ceases to exist and remnants now called "K" Royal Tank Regt (RAC Holding Regt).
Orders and letters concerning the dispersal and possible re-forming of 2 RGH at Appendix. [not available].
It will be noted that some of this correspondence is dated later than 15th Jan and has been collected since. Most of the dispersal orders were received verbally.
Documents etc to accompany the Cadre home to UK collected and packed.
List of these articles at Appendix. [not available]

Signed (personally)TGG Cooper Lt ColCmdg 2 RGH

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